Join us for the Harvest Moon Ball!

The Harvest Moon Ball was a dance contest held in Madison Square Gardens in New York City, at the height of the swing era, on a scale that we can hardly even imagine today. Thousands upon thousands of spectators came to watch dancers compete in all kinds of styles, including Lindy Hop. To celebrate the end of Summer, we're going to have our own version - there will be a few contests, there will be social dancing and there will be some damn good times! Check out the details below - you can only buy tickets online!



Time: 7pm-midnight, 14th April

Location: 145 Karangahape Road - the Raynham Park Studio

Cost: $20 per person

You SHould know

  1. There are no door sales!
  2. Parking is tricky
  3. Dress to impress

If you don't have a credit card, you can transfer $20 to 12-3435-0045017-00, but make sure to include your name and "HarvestMoon" in the reference!

You can also pay in person in class.