Community Volunteers

Our Community Volunteers help keep our community welcoming, safe and generally awesome. If you ever want to talk about anything related to the Code of Conduct, about how we can make sure that everyone feels like they have a place at our events, or just about something that doesn't feel right - these people have volunteered to listen and support you.


Imogen nock

Imogen is really excited to be a part of such a lovely community, and contribute to making it inclusive, fun and welcoming to everyone. Imogen has been dancing for 1 year now and the scene has become such a huge part of her life! She has a background in psychology and is currently working at Youthline as the intake and follow up youth development worker, and in the triage role for the helpline. She is always open to talking about any questions or concerns, and attend as many social events as she can!.

Ana (1 of 1).jpg

Ana Bogdanovic

Ana found swing dancing 2013 after an unlikely encounter during a last minute trip to San Francisco saw her triple-stepping the night away at a rent party of sorts. She came home, found a scene in Auckland and has been dancing every spare second since! Ana’s background in psychology has seen her working in various areas of mental health including some time spent volunteering on the phones at Youthline, doing mental health promotion, and working as a health navigator. She’s passionate about wellbeing, all kinds of dancing, teaching, and seeing this scene move forward as an awesome, inclusive place to be.

Andrew creegan

Andrew has been swing dancing for about one and a half years, and absolutely loves it! You can find him at the Freeman's bay and Parnell classes, or out at a social event. He's an engineer by trade, so talk to him about science, robots, or just whatever happens to be on your mind.

david scott

David has been dancing for a few years, and has enjoyed getting to meet a diverse and friendly group of people. He's passionate about ensuring that the Auckland Swing Dancing community is welcoming and inclusive. If you want to talk privately about anything community related, he'd love the opportunity to listen.

Tania Roblot

Dancing makes Tania incredibly happy and she is glad we are working together to make sure everyone feels the same. She has previous experience in Latin dancing and during work hours she’s a computer scientist.